Happy Campers!!!

I have always loved camping, from the time I was young and into adulthood.  Sure when I was younger it was tent camping and portaging and we only brought the bare necessities, but as long as we were outside in the fresh air, with hiking and fishing and a campfire it made for good memories. 

So as my wife and I started to have our girls we tried to camp from time-to-time but found it difficult when the kids were really young.

So as the girls got older we could see that there was some interest from them to go camping on a more regular basis; so we decided to purchase a camping trailer; sure it’s not the same experience as a tent and it’s not “roughing it”, but we figured that we would tend to camp more if there just a few luxuries; i.e. coffee maker, and a shower.

So as we spend our free weekends in a campground, enjoying burnt jiffy-pop popcorn, hot dogs and plenty of fresh air, we are making memories and the girls are having fun.

The girls love canoeing, hiking, fishing and geocaching and they’re learning lots about nature, it’s also about unplugging from technology and being active.  We have found that camping allows us to explore different parts of Ontario and Canada that a cottage would not typically offer.

Of course the family dog comes along too, and enjoys every minute of it.  Rain or shine we enjoy our camping experiences and the kids can hardly wait for the next camping trip.

So if you are looking for a great way to get active, explore and have some fun, perhaps a family camping trip would do the trick!