So a year ago I introduced Geocaching to my three girls, and as it’s know as the “world’s biggest treasure hunt”, I thought it would be a way to explore, learn about geography, visit cool places and ultimately have some fun!

Not really sure if they would enjoy it, we started off small, we checked out a few caches in our neighbourhood and they really seemed to like the idea.  My oldest certainly liked the challenge of finding the cache using the GPS, it wasn’t until the younger two realized  that some of the caches have fun treasures inside them that they became interested.


So over the past year we are now approaching 100 finds, we have logged finds in four provinces and have visited many unique and exciting locations and attractions.  The girls love to explore and they are always excited to continue the adventure.

Now for people that are not too familiar with geocaching, it’s kind of like a scavenger hunt, you rely on the GPS coordinates to get in the general area of the item that is hidden (usually a waterproof container of some sort), then using hints and clues from past geocacher’s that have found the cache you narrow in your search.  We have found caches in remote areas in the country, in densely populated areas in a city or town, and even on walking trails or public parks.


We have decided to use the application, which allows you to find and track the caches, based on your geographic location, but you can also use a simple GPS to for finding.  I addition to finding the cache, most caches have a visitor log in the container, this allows people to leave personalized messages about their find.

The girls are so keen to explore when we decide it is time to geocache, and one bonus is that it is essentially a free activity, apart from the fuel it may take to drive around to the different locations, the kids get hours of entertainment and enjoyment without it costing anything.


So if you are ever looking for something economical and fun to do with your kids, perhaps geocaching is worth a try.  We are looking forward to exploring the Toronto area this week on a geocaching adventure, and we are planning some geocaching in California in November.  Enjoy exploring and treasure hunting…