Firm of the Future!!!


As the title of my blog suggests, my wife is a key contributor to our busy home life, and always has been.  But through those years of sleepless nights and countless diaper changes she had to make the choice to place her career aspirations on hold; or at least have them simmer on the back burner.

So when the time came for the our third daughter to get on the school bus, Jennie quickly realized that she now had time during the day to focus on her business.  So how did she do this?  She took to social media and got the word out that she was looking to network and collaborate with colleagues in her industry.

Well this certainly exploded for Jennie, what seemed like overnight; she was now on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many other social channels, connecting with the Accounting Industry and the World;  after all when you work from home, the water cooler and boardroom are virtual, so she needed to get creative on how to connect, and build business contacts.


So where do you start when you want to connect and help folks in your industry?  You start on building your brand….for Jennie this was all about being collaborative, she wanted to be know as a problem solver and someone who brought people together to network, while taking hold of the Cloud Accounting industry and the limitless potential it offers.

Over the past few years Jennie’s brand has gained an extreme amount of traction, in addition to provide valuable services for her clients, Jennie has gained notoriety through speaking engagements, podcasts and webinars; Jennie is a coach, mentor and collaborator.

Jennie has made many contributions to programs supported by Intuit such as the Mentorship Program which helps accounting professionals determine their place in the cloud and how to leverage their business strengths to develop business eco-systems for their clients, ultimately allowing them to refine and scale their practices.


The accounting application community has certainly embraced Jennie, as she strives to connect application partners that integrate with QuickBooks Online, while promoting cross-integration between these same app partners.

Through this process Jennie has developed valuable contacts and has entered into a new segment in her business, by provide non-biased reviews of applications that can strengthen business eco-systems and ultimately provide value to clients.

As a result of her dedication to the industry, Jennie has been name the QuickBooks Firm of the Future for Canada.  She is currently competing on the world stage for the title of Global Firm of the Future.  From October 3rd-15th, 2016 voting will be open for this competition.  Feel free to support Jennie by voting for @mooredetails by following this link: QB Firm of the Future.  The winner will be announced at QuickBooks Connect in San Jose, California later this month.


So how does a work-at-home mom from small town Canada get recognized on the global stage? she developed her brand, stayed true to her values and worked collaboratively in the industry to foster and support a community of open minded professionals looking to scale their business, embrace the cloud and have fun along the way!14469556_10157439480315705_5895083428268864215_n

Congratulations Jennie on your achievements, you are inspiring many people along the way with your positive attitude and unique and fun approach to running a successful business and maintaining a work/life harmony.  You are a beautiful role model for our daughters, your family is by your side supporting you all the way!